Agribusiness Academy is the perfect partner for businesses and organisations within the food and agribusiness to quickly and effectively roll-out bespoke learning environments and corporate universities.

Our customers leverage our world-leading experts and thought-leaders, virtually unobtainable otherwise, to provide knowledge, skills and resources to their teams and stakeholders. They roll out internal training through the same system, and create a staff ecosystem where collaboration, improvement and innovation is the norm.

And Agribusiness Academy deliver all of this at a fixed monthly cost, with no setup fee and no hidden charges.

Could this help the people you’re responsible for?

Example Content

We have a wide range of experts from across the world and covering an extremely wide range of topics in food & agribusiness. This short extract from Dr David Hughes will give you just a flavour of the learning provided in our action learning projects, courses, podcasts and webinars.

Tailored to you


Using our extensive network of experts and thought leaders, a range of courses, webinars and action learning projects will be made available. Bespoke curriculum can also be designed around your needs.



Built on the goals you set, the learning environment is designed to reward and encourage learners, whilst providing vital feedback to managers and executives on staff participation and completion.


Learning Environment

The platform will be personalised to your brand (including certification) and relevant  discussion forums. A dedicated Learning Manager will be assigned to ensure that your staff are maximising their learning.


And all at a price to suit your budget.

What Learners Say

These courses have helped to understand about the new models of business which can me applicable in my industry. They have opened new challenges and new opportunities, and I have new experiences which I can share with my colleagues.

Monica, India

Agribusiness Academy came to me at a time when I had to make critical changes in the way value chains are run. I found the courses so useful, so inspiring, and a push in the right direction. It is the best thing that’s happened to me this year.

Jacinta, Nigeria

I’ve been extremely inspired by the programme. It will have tremendous value add to my objective of expanding the dairy industry into Africa.

Mark, South Africa

Tell us a little about your organisation and your goals for a bespoke learning environment. We’ll get back to you shortly to continue the discussion.

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