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The online basic business plan course for small enterprises in developing countries and emerging economies

Do you want to chart your own course for your business?

There isn’t a lot of support for microenterprises in the developing world, and they face unique and difficult challenges. We offer help that’s specially tailored to their needs.

A solid business plan is the foundation for any successful enterprise. Your Business Planned guides entrepreneurs through the entire planning process, enabling them to develop not just a document, but a business mission, strategy, goals, tactics, and financials.

This course is perfect for your very first business plan, whether you have an existing business or want to create one.

This is real-time learning in the context of your own business or business idea. When you complete all the modules you’ll have your very own business plan that you can implement immediately. And you’ll learn about key business concepts in the process.

26 video presentations available 24/7 online


Downloadable business plan template


Six downloadable worksheets


Submit questions to course instructor


24/7 online access to all Q&A recordings


Certificate of participation

About The Course

Your Business Planned will guide you through creating a business plan, and will take approximately 10-25 hours to work through, including 1.5 hours of video presentations. To help you along the way we have organised a weekly Q&A with the course instructor, Donna Rosa. You can submit your questions in our specially created discussion forum inside the Agribusiness Academy platform anytime during the week. Recorded answers will be available in a video file posted each week.

About Donna Rosa

Your Business Planned is taught by Donna Rosa, an international business consultant who specializes in helping micro-and small enterprises in developing countries. She has extensive international business management experience with leading multinationals, as well as hands-on development expertise with small businesses in Africa, the Caribbean, Central America, Russia, and Eastern Europe. Visit for more information.


Who is this course for?

Your Business Planned was developed for the special needs of microenterprises and small businesses in developing countries and emerging economies.

This is for you if you:

  • Operate a small business or microenterprise, or are thinking about starting one
  • Know you need a plan for your business but are overwhelmed by the prospect of writing one
  • Have never seen or written a business plan and don’t know how to go about it
  • Researched business plans on the internet and got intimidated because you couldn’t understand them
  • Have little/no experience or formal education in business skills or management
  • Are looking for a basic, simple business plan
  • Have limited resources, such as funds, staff, and training
  • Operate in a local business environment that offers little or no small business assistance
  • Would like guidance in developing a strategy and growth model for your business
  • Need help understanding business terms and principles

What makes this course different?

There are many business plan templates, workshops, trainings, courses, blogs, and articles online. They are not geared for your special needs as an emerging economy entrepreneur.

Your Business Planned provides you with a business plan template that you fill out as you move through the course. Slide presentations explain each topic. You’ll enter your information in the relevant section on the plan template before proceeding to the next one. The order of completion is specially designed in a logical progression, so you build on the prior learning.

We guide you step-by-step through the entire process. If you have questions along the way, you can submit them to us anytime and we’ll answer them in a weekly pre-recorded video session.

Everything you need is included in the package. There are no books to buy, no quizzes, and no exams. You focus only on completing your own custom business plan.

What else is special about this course?

Your Business Planned has been carefully crafted with some awesome features:

  • It is available to anyone in any country as long as they have a computer and internet access
  • It is exceptionally cost effective and represents a superior value
  • A weekly online forum is included at no extra charge. Learners can get recorded personalized answers to their questions from the course instructor
  • The course can be completed at the individual’s own pace, on their own time. Start and finish whenever it’s convenient.
  • Video instruction, business plan template, and all worksheets are included
  • The learner is carefully guided one step at a time through the entire process
  • The practical instruction is real-world; learning takes place in the context of the owner’s own business
  • The end product is a usable business document developed directly by the entrepreneur and/or management team

What do I need in order to complete the course?

You must have:

  • Access to a computer and the internet with enough bandwidth to view videos
  • Basic working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel
  • The ability to understand and work in English
  • Records of previous year’s sales and expenses, or be able to pull the information together (if you have an existing business)

You should also be willing to devote the time to carefully thinking through your business situation

and completing each module. Your business plan is only as good as the work that goes into it. Be diligent and you will be most gratified with your results.

Is there anyone who would not benefit from this course?

Your Business Planned is not for you if:

  • You are unable to make the course a priority and put in the time required
  • You need a template only, and do not require supporting documents and lessons
  • You expect to be a passive learner and would not participate in the development of your plan
  • You’re interested in theory only, not hands-on work
  • You need a more elaborate business plan for investors and financial partners

What’s included in 'Your Business Planned'?

The basic course gives you everything you need to develop your very own real-world, personalized business plan. We’ve made it simple and informative.

  1. Business Plan Template

Our exclusive template is in a user-friendly format that you fill in as you proceed through the course

  1. Worksheets

Six backup worksheets help you develop key components and required numbers for your plan. All figures are automatically calculated for you; you need only enter the data.

You get:

  • Mission Statement Worksheet – an easy 3-step method to build a strong mission statement
  • Goal Setting Worksheet – guidelines for developing SMART business goals
  • Sales/Income Worksheet – assemble sales projections and input for your income statement
  • Expense Worksheet – track, project, and calculate your fixed and variable expenses
  • Profit Worksheet – calculate your gross profit
  • SWOT Analysis Worksheet – analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths of your enterprise

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