Education-as-a-Service: Regional Intergovernmental Agriculture Productivity Organisation in Asia

Education-as-a-Service: Regional Intergovernmental Agriculture Productivity Organisation in Asia

A regional intergovernmental agriculture productivity organisation in Asia has approached Agribusiness Academy for the program and content design exercise on the theme of Urban Agriculture.

The program was targeted at 400 young entrepreneurs and professionals, working in the field of Urban agriculture. The roadmap for the assignment was laid out during a 1-hour interactive discussion between the team members of the productivity organisation and Agribusiness Academy.

Agribusiness Academy team used the interaction inputs and developed a curriculum within a week’s time which met the expectations of the productivity organisation. For people interested in the theme of Urban Agriculture the following picture indicates the theme modules form the base for the detailed program:

Agribusiness Academy team has started the design of the content and the assessment/quiz material which will become ready for launch in four weeks' time. That is from the initial contact to the launch of the e-learning course was managed within a short lead-time of eight weeks.

In this project, the following three drivers of the Agribusiness Academy EaaS model have been leveraged:

  1. The Flexibility of delivering a custom program within the content framework demanded by the organisation
  2. Speed of eight week contact to program delivery was rather new and much needed for the organisation
  3. We have made the program and content design within the budget that was allocated by the organisation leveraging the Affordability dimension of the EaaS model

If you have a similar or a different challenge which you would like to discuss please do reach out to us. You can learn more about our approach and capabilities here:


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