How We Made Leading Food & Agri Experts Available to Every Professional

How We Made Leading Food & Agri Experts Available to Every Professional

by Dr Vijayender Nalla, Content Director & Founder of Agribusiness Academy.

I consider myself privileged to be closely working with industry experts (I call them artists) in my role as Content Director at Agribusiness Academy. Here in this post, I am reflecting my 8 year journey with Dr. David Hughes in his role as a trainer, coach and now as an expert at the Academy.

For many connected to food and agribusiness industry, Dr. Hughes needs no introduction and I am quite confident that many of you have experienced his energy and insights in different contexts. If you haven’t, get a quick glimpse on how he presents them here:

In 2010, at Fruit Logistica Berlin, I was one of the 400 audience waiting to get industry insights from Dr. David Hughes’ keynote speech. Never before in my previous academic experience at the business school had I witnessed such level of engagement between a speaker and his audience. It was a thrill to experience the energy in the room and the industry insights he presented. This keynote experience, as you can imagine, was my biggest conference take-away and in several ways confirmed my entrepreneurial industry choice.

From 2010 to 2015, I would quietly follow his blogs, podcasts and videos to educate myself and apply the learning within the projects I was involved in. When our online Agribusiness Academy was conceptualised in 2015, Dr. David Hughes was the first expert I reached out to and I was surprised to see how excited he was to learn and experience the online mode of delivery. Since then, our collaboration has grown from strength-to-strength and I must admit that the coaching and mentoring skills I have acquired is all through watching him in action in our joint engagements.

It was clear to us that we needed to find a way to make the expertise of people like Dr. Hughes more accessible to business leaders and decision makers in the industry everywhere. During this intense 3 year period, we have had the privilege to work closely with nearly 40 experts, each one of them with something unique to offer to the prosperity and sustainability of the food and agribusiness sector.

Whilst initially we focused on producing courses and programmes with the experts, through my mentoring on our Mini-MBA in Sustainable Food Supply Chain programme, I discovered that professionals across the world wanted to have a closer interaction with experts. Whether it was to solve a business problem, gain some career advice or develop new skills, people wanted access to the right expert. So we launched our platform to enable anyone to get access to the right coaching / mentoring / consulting…whatever you’d like to call a one-to-one interaction with an expert in their field. And businesses would tell us access to a pool of vetted experts from different parts of the world able to help them address a range of business, technological and team building challenges accessible on-demand is extremely valuable for their innovation and sustainability mandates.

From blockchain to business models; finance to farming; our expertise areas are increasing all the time and we’re keen to continue to grow this pool of world leading experts.

Of course, I’d like to thank the Agribusiness Academy team for working relentlessly and making it possible for creating ways to create access to the expertise on-demand; and to the experts for being so willing to try something new.

As you might expect, Dr. Hughes was only too happy to be a part of this innovation.

I would love to know what you think of our approach:


P.S Here you can review some of the insights Dr. David Hughes has offered our learners from around the world - Food & Agribusiness Trends you must know:

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