Designing an Agri-Tech Business Model that Scales

Free Online Course for Entrepreneurs & Investors

Starts 17th January 2019
(5 weeks, 5 hours per week)
Need to design a business model that can scale your Agri-Tech company?

Looking to invest in competitive Agri-Tech companies who can scale?

This online, 5 week course is designed for Entrepreneurs and Investors looking to make the most of opportunities in Agri-Tech.

Featuring expert digital content, interactive sessions and a collaborative learning experience, this course is the ideal way to make the most out of 2019 and beyond.
Key Details
  • Starts Thursday, January 17, 2019
  • Limited places to have a very personalized approach
  • Open for participants from US, Europe and India
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Who Should Apply?
  • Entrepreneurs keen to develop or fine-tune their business model
  • Professionals in leadership roles in agri-tech
  • Investors with an active agri-tech portfolio
  • Investors looking to invest in this sector

Course Overview

Week 1
Industry dynamics + Business Model Components for Scale

Global Agribusiness and Food Sustainability Trends – Dr. David Hughes

Digital Agriculture Sessions – Dr. Steven Sonka

Agri-Tech Categories and Business Model Framework Overview – Dr. Vijayender Nalla

+ 1 interactive session on business models for food chains + 1 practice workshop

Week 2+3
Solution - Market Fit for Scale

Understanding and Designing the Value Proposition for Different Agri-Tech Categories – Dr. Vijayender Nalla

Distribution Strategy for Scale – Dr. Vijayender Nalla

+ 2 practice workshop
+ Reading literature

Week 4
Building the Value Chain and Sustainability

Building the value chain for scaling the solutions-market fit (discussing in the context of each Agri-Tech Category)

Sustainability Elements in each Agri-Tech Category

+ 2 practice workshop
+ Reading literature

Week 5

Presenting Business Models (or reviewing them as an Investor)

One-to-One Coaching sessions for participants

Agri-Tech Categories Covered

Novel ingredients | Plant-based Protein | Retail/Restaurant Tech | eGrocery-Online Restaurants & Meal Kits | Indoor Farming -Food Safety/Traceability | Ag Biotechnology | Farm Management Software | Farm Robotics & Machinization | Bioenergy & Biomaterials | Aquaculture | Supply Chain Technology | Agribusiness Marketplaces

What is Agribusiness Academy?

Agribusiness Academy provides domain-specific education to Agri-Tech, Food-Tech and Urban Agriculture talent.

We work with leading experts to deliver tailored learning solutions for businesses; our focus is on improving innovation and business growth through talent.

Course Experts

Dr David Hughes
Much sought-after speaker at international conferences and seminars on global food industry issues, particularly consumer and retail trends.
Steven Sonka
Wrote the first book on computers in farming in 1983 and continues to drive the sector forwards as a Professor, Fellow and Co-Founder.
Dr Vijayender Nalla
Course leader for this short course. Founder of Agribusiness Academy, responsible for the learning and content for 1000s of professionals each year. 
Marco Brini
CEO of EnvEve and specialist in Digital Agriculture. Focused on improving agronomic decisions though IoT, Analytics and Big Data.
Greg Satell
Popular author, speaker, and innovation adviser who has managed market-leading businesses and pathbreaking products.
Rudradeb Mitra
Built 6 tech startups (one with multi-million dollars in profits) in 4 countries. Will be talking on Machine Learning and AI value drivers for Agri and Food.

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