Become a Champion Trainer in Africa

Develop yourself and your business as a Certified Agribusiness Academy Trainer.
Study towards the Food & Agribusiness Management in a Digital Age certificate program and learn how to deliver it to others.

A Program for Champions

Want to build a critical understanding of the Food & Agribusiness sector? Looking to develop a business by training professionals or students?

If so, this program from Agribusiness Academy and Business School Netherlands is perfect for you.

We are looking for Champions.

People who want to create an impact in the world through education. Those with a passion for solving the world's problems from the ground up by training the Food & Agribusiness sector to make positive changes. You should have a minimum of 10 years industry experience to apply for this program.

Upon successful completion of this program, Champions will be Certified Agribusiness Academy trainers, capable of delivering training internally or in an entrepreneurial mode.

Key Details

Location: Business School Netherlands facilities, Cape Town, South Africa
Program Length: 5 days on-location with 6 months digital learning and coaching
On-Location Dates: 10th-14th September 2019
Fees: $4000 including accommodation and meals

Specialised scholarships are available up to 50% ($2400) and awarded on a case-by-case basis.

Certificates will be issued by Agribusiness Academy and Business School Netherlands.
"I see business possibilities that never existed before for me. I believe more in my ability to change the world through food security. " - Tiny Mabasa, South Africa
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Module Overview

Agribusiness Academy have worked with Business School Netherlands to develop a bold, inspiring curriculum. During the program you will study these modules and develop your ability to teach them in the future.
Day 1: Disruptive Food Value chains
An overview of food supply and demand dynamics in different countries and what future food value chains will look like.

Day 2: AgriFood Tech's Value to the Food Value Chain
A look at food & agribusiness tech developments in western and emerging markets and their impact on food value chains.

Day 3: Novel Foods and Changing Consumer Preferences
A study of the emergence of premium food marketplaces and how these are disrupting established supply chains.
Day 4: Food Sustainability and Sustainable Development
How environmental consciousness of consumers is transforming the actions of businesses and wider food supply chains.

Day 5: Food Distribution and Retail Developments
How the distribution landscape is changing and what it means for the future of food value chains.

Take a look at the full program schedule and experience our learning content here:
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Digital Learning & Coaching Follow-Up

Over the following six months, the program is delivered by experts in a mix of interactive sessions, self-paced learning content and 1-to-1 coaching.

The learning will align learners to the needs of the industry and hone their ability to identify and solve business dilemmas. This approach is similar to Harvard's style of teaching, updated to have a focus on online training and teamwork.

In addition to the core curriculum, learners will have full access to Agribusiness Academy's library of more than 200 digital courses. These will be available for completion throughout the duration of the program.

To complete the program, Champions will deliver a 5-day training experience to new professionals in the sector.

Create Value

As a trainer, you'll be able to deliver this Agribusiness Academy & Business School Netherlands certificate program, enabling you to create a program that is tailored to the local market both in content and cost.

This means you can create an excellent training business and provide access to world leading education; a win-win for the Food & Agribusiness sector.

Just by running a small cohort, Champions would generate enough profit to recoup the program fee.

We also welcome those looking to become a trainer internally within their business or learning provider.
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Deliver Impact

In delivering the program to your learners, you'll be creating impact in the local Food & Agribusiness sector; supporting the adoption of technology, improving sustainability and helping to ensure food security.

Throughout your time as a Certified Trainer, you'll get full support from Agribusiness Academy including the use of our digital course library for everyone you teach, our online learning platform and Learner Managers to help your learners when they're online.

Because the impact is so great, we are seeking only those who are dedicated to empowering their local community through education. We welcome you to apply today.
"The learning model deals with real business issues. It makes you think a lot and it makes for easy application in the workplace." - Learner, Zambia
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Teaching & Coaching Team

Courses within the Food and Agribusiness Management program have been developed and taught by experts who are widely-recognized thought leaders, educators, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

Learning is enhanced with coaching from experts and our Learner Managers who provide round-the-clock support.
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