Digital Content Types

Across our wide range of Food & Agribusiness topics, Agribusiness Academy have a depth of interactive digital learning content.


Seminars are modular courses, presented by experts usually alongside slides or photos. Learning is completed by watching short videos and answering questions to deepen understanding of the subject.

Seminars may also come with additional downloads, such as PDFs or presentations.

Online Workshops

These online immersive Workshops are different experience from seminars, as they are presented on-demand.

A case/business context and the dilemmas associated with this type of business are brought out into series of questions for learners to tackle with guidance from an industry expert.

This level of interaction and live problem solving means that learners absorb new skills quickly and can find answers to many business dilemmas.

Case Projects

Case projects give a more practical experience learning experience.

Designed with real-life scenarios and featuring curated videos from our experts, the projects are a chance to apply knowledge to find business solutions.


Podcasts are audio experiences featuring a thought leader or world-leading expert, interviewed by a member of the Agribusiness Academy team.

Knowledge Boosters

Knowledge Boosters are a guided learning experience focussed on solving a problem in a food or agribusiness scenario. As part of this, PDFs, questions, quizzes, practical examples and curated videos from our experts are used.

These are ideal for professionals looking to quickly grasp a concept or topic, perhaps as part of a new job role or project.

Blended Learning

Agribusiness Academy also have experience in blending different digital content types with on-location learning.

This can work extremely well in a business or education setting, as learners are able to prepare for the in-person session and continue learning afterwards through digital delivery.