Expand Your Curriculum
Use leading industry experts to extend your provision quickly and at scale
For education institutions, building a curriculum that stays on top of industry trends is a constant challenge. The students expect it, and employers require it.

At Agribusiness Academy, we've opened our extensive range of content and leading industry professionals to add to dimensions to your prospectus. Whether you want new specializations, a tailored curriculum or better job outcomes, we can help.
"With no exception all participating managers and senior professionals were impressed by your teaching and coaching for our university" - Business School Netherlands
 Ways We Can Help

Food and Agribusiness Electives/Majors

• Use our existing range of Certificates to add specialization to your programs.

• Use our experienced curriculum design team to build a new food and agribusiness major for your students 

Career Services

• The Industry Readiness Program is designed to help prepare undergraduates and graduates for the industry.

• Use industry professionals to provide guidance on career progression.

alternatively, you can send a message here.