Ways to Learn
Programs are long form courses, usually containing multiple seminars, webinars and projects, alongside formal mentoring and feedback. These are typically delivered over 1 to 6 months, although learners can work at their own pace. They feature an in-depth look at a subject, and are often focussed on a specific outcome, like starting a business, securing a job or developing your career.
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Seminars are modular courses, presented by experts usually alongside slides or photos. You will learn by watching short videos and answering questions to deepen your understanding of the subject. Sometimes, seminars will also come with additional downloads, such as PDFs or presentations.

Seminars are designed for students or professionals, but you will also find Executive Seminars in our catalog, aimed at senior managers and business owners in the food & agribusiness sector.
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Webinars are different experience from seminars, as they are presented on-demand. Once you enroll, you'll be given a link to start the webinar at your own convenience. You'll also receive the full recording in case you need to make additional notes.

Occasionally there will also be an opportunity to take part in Webinars live, and put your questions to the experts during the discussion.
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Case projects give you a more practical experience learning experience. Designed with real-life scenarios and featuring curated videos from our experts, the projects are a chance to apply your knowledge to find business solutions.

In some case projects, you will also receive expert feedback on your submitted work, giving you an opportunity to further develop your skills and knowledge.
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Knowledge Boosters are a guided learning experience focussed on solving a problem in a food or agribusiness scenario. As part of this course, you will encounter PDFs, questions, quizzes, practical examples and curated videos from our experts.

These are ideal for students or professionals looking to quickly grasp a concept or topic, perhaps before an exam, interview or as part of a new job role.
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Our collection of eBooks has been written by experts on a specific subject in food or agribusiness. You will gain instant access to read through the eBook at your own pace and our forums will be open to discuss the book further.
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Podcasts are audio experiences featuring a thought leader or world-leading expert, interviewed by a member of the Agribusiness Academy team.

These are available instantly upon enrollment and can be listened to on a computer or through a mobile device.
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