Workshop for Food & Agri Professionals

Design the Business Model for your Food and Agribusiness
Does your Food & Agribusiness company have the right business model? Would you like to test the competitiveness of your business model or develop one?

If so, this complimentary workshop for Agribusiness Academy is designed for you.

The workshop will delivered by Dr Vijayender Nalla with digital content from Dr David Hughes.

Workshop Expert

Workshop Structure

The first part of the workshop provides you with an understanding (with real life case studies) of the tools needed to design the critical components of a competitive business model.

  • Differentiated value proposition (product-market fit)
  • Distribution channel choice aligned with the value proposition
  • Approach to building a committed chain
  • Sustainability elements

In the second part of the workshop, you will be able to validate, fine-tune or develop the business model for your food and agribusiness. The business model will be presented by each person/group of participants and a detailed feedback and brainstorming on each business model will be provided

Key Questions

Who should attend?
This workshop is designed for professionals, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in Food & Agribusiness.

What skills and competencies would you develop?
  1. Problem formulation
  2. Systems analysis
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Collaboration & team work
  5. Judgement and decision making

How many seats are available?
We make all our programs actionable with loads of interaction and feedback. The Business Model workshop is limited to 10 participants

What would it cost you?
This workshop is complimentary including lunch and refreshments. You will need to arrange your own transport.

Upcoming Workshops:

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK - 6th December 2018
Warangal, India - 22nd December 2018
Netherlands - 10th January 2019
Milan, Italy - TBC
Berlin, Germany - TBC

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