#18 Urban Farming with Herbert Kliegernam & Dino Carter

In this Podcast, we talk to two prominent names in Urban Farming, Herbert H. Kliegerman, Co-founder and Publisher of iGrow News and Co-Founder of American Association of Urban Farmers and Dino H. Carter, Brand Specialist with more than 20 years of marketing experience in Israel, England, and the USA.

In this conversation, we discuss about the Urban Farming and Container Farming and its future in developing countries like Asia and Africa. We also put some light on the future of branding for agricultural produce especially those that are premium priced.

The Interview is conducted by Chaitra Bharath from Agribusiness Academy. To find out more about urban farming, please visit To learn more about the branding and process of branding, please visit

#17 Blockchain in Food & Agribusiness with Alicia Noel

In this podcast, we talk to Alicia Noel, a leading voice in food supply chain technologies, to explain how blockchain is enabling change in the food and agriculture industry.

In this lively conversation, we discuss the promise of blockchain for food and about what makes or breaks its successful implementation. We also discuss many interesting examples of companies, projects and organisations that are already implementing change via blockchain solutions.

The interview is conducted by Debora van Zee and Chaitra Bharath from Agribusiness Academy.

To read more about Alicia Noel, please visit her website:

In this Blog on Medium you can read more about many of the examples Alicia talks about in our conversation:

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#16 Agribusiness Finance

In this episode, we’re joined by Lorna Grace, an expert in Agribusiness Finance. We haven’t been able to cover this area much so we’re really lucky to have someone like Lorna with such a broad experience to come and talk to us.

  1. How is Agribusiness finance different in the western markets vs. the established markets?

  2. How does finance contribute to food sustainability?

  3. How is value chain finance going to strengthen small holders farmers inclusiveness in Agriculture value chains?

  4. How well do you think the talent working in Financial institutions understand the financing tools needed or available for Agriculture?

  5. What financial innovations have caught your attention?

Lorna is Financial Development specialist with more than 20 years of experience in international and domestic finance. She has  consulted for several financial institutions in Asia and in Latin America, so hopefully there is something for everyone in this podcast.

Find out more about Lorna's work at

#15 Regenerative Agriculture with Ethan Soloviev

In this episode we're joined by Ethan Roland Soloviev, an international expert on regenerative agriculture, regenerative business, and permaculture design, with experience in 34 countries.

Ethan is Executive Vice President of Research at, and Farmer at

This is a wide ranging interview on the subject of regenerative agriculture, covering the adoption challenges, frameworks for understanding the principles and Ethan's work at High Falls Farm.

The episode is presented by Chaitra Bharath with additional inputs and questions from Debora van Zee. 


Find out more about Ethan's work at, and

Here are links that Ethan mentions:

Regeneration Newsroom Podcast

Transform Series

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

#14 Goldfarm

In this episode, we're joined by Abhilash Thirupathy, a serial entreprenuer and co-founder of Goldfarm with his business partner, Karthic Ravindranath.

Goldfarm is based on what is being referred to in India as a 'Farming as a Service' model, with the aim to provide farmers with access to book any farm equipment according to their requirement through a mobile application and a call centre service.

We'll take a look at their business model, some of their challenges to date and opportunities for the future. We're also joined by Dr Vijayender Nalla, Co-Founder of Agribusiness Academy, to give some additional insights into this intriguing business.

**About Goldfarm**

"People are moving out of agriculture due to lack of empowerment. We want more and more of the present generation to take up agriculture as a profession. That's why we started Gold Farm. From a 2 People startup we have grown to a 100 people company. Now Gold Farm is one of the fastest growing agri companies in India. So far we have touched the lives of thousands of farmers across india by converting 7500+ hectares of barren into cultivable land thus bringing happiness and prosperity to farmer. 

Our goal is to provide farmers with products and services through a convenient platform and have a positive impact on their lives."


#13 Case Study: Brandless

In this podcast we look at the story of Brandless; an innovative challenge to the retail model who promise "Better stuff, fewer dollars".

With some interesting concepts that all professionals could learn from, this Brandless case study is designed to present their business model and challenge you to think about how you would solve their business dilemmas.

This case study features clips from Co-Founders, Tina Sharkey & Ido Leffler, as well Agribusiness Academy experts, Dr David Hughes and Dr Vijayender Nalla.

Our focus is case studies comes from the relaunch of our Digital Learning & Coaching Program in Food & Agribusiness Management. Find out more at


Show Notes:

Audio clips from CBS & Bloomberg:

Brandless co-founders want to offer fewer options -- not more - CBS This Morning

How SoftBank-Backed Brandless Plans to Take On Amazon

#12 Case Study: Indigo Agriculture

In this podcast we look at the story of Indigo Agriculture; the science behind this $1bn company and a closer look at their business model.

This is a new type of content for the podcast so we'd love to hear your feedback. We have a few more episodes like this planned over the coming weeks.

Our focus is case studies comes from the relaunch of our Digital Learning & Coaching Program in Food & Agribusiness Management. Find out more at


Show Notes:

Referenced article with data from Food & Environment Reporting Network:

Audio clips from Indigo Agriculture & CNBC:

Indigo Agriculture CEO: Changing Economics for Farmers | Mad Money:

Indigo Agriculture on YouTube

#11: Sustainable Food Systems & Novel Foods

In this podcast, we talk to Afton Halloran, PhD., a leading voice in sustainable food systems and expert in novel foods.

In this thoroughly interesting conversation, we discuss new foods (also Novel Foods/Future Foods) and the factors surrounding their rising impact in the sector.

We're also joined by Dr Tatiana LeGrand, a Lead Coordinator here at Agribusiness Academy.

If you have any feedback or anything you'd like to discuss with the show, please email

** About Afton Halloran, PhD. **

Originally from Vancouver Island, Canada, Afton considers herself a global citizen. Her research, work, and curiosity has taken her to different corners of the world. She currently resides in Copenhagen but has also lived in Tanzania, Japan, Norway, Uganda and Italy.

Afton’s latest work is at the Nordic Council of Ministers where she is an External Consultant at the Nordic Food Policy Lab. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Solutions Menu: A Nordic Guide to Sustainable Food Policy. Afton also runs her own consultancy where she advises intergovernmental organizations, companies and NGOs on issues related to sustainable food systems, including future foods, the social impacts of food production, food culture/gastronomy and sustainable diets.



#10 SIM: Supply Chain Information Management

In this episode, we're joined by Leontien Hasselman-Plugge, CEO of SIM, Supply Chain Information Management.

 SIM is a pioneer in the field of trusted supply chain data in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. In this podcast, we get to explore the SIM Powerchain, blockchain in supply chains and SIM's impact in traceability, sustainability and other important topics.

Leontien has over 16 years of experience in the field of sustainability and impact measurement. Currently her main aim is helping retailers and brands in the FMCG sector to understand their supply chains and use these insights to create environmental and social change.

We're also joined by Debora Van Zee, Lead Coordinator at Agribusiness Academy, to offer some extra insights on what makes the SIM business model stand out.


Information about SIM


The SIM team has a shared belief: we are convinced that work is not just about making money. We share the ambition to truly contribute to and make a positive impact on people’s lives and the environmental circumstances under which products are made. Enabling our clients to make that impact using their buying power is the most powerful way to achieve that, in our view.

It’s been clear from the start what kind of organization that SIM aspires to be. We are now in the process of becoming a B-corp company and formalization of that status is expected to be completed in 2019.

#9 NatureBox CEO, Gautam Gupta

In this episode, we're joined by Guatam Gupta, CEO of food-tech pioneer, NatureBox.

As one of the early proponents of the subscription model, NatureBox had an impact in changing the business world as well as the lives of their customers, with their focus on healthy delicious snacks.

We find out more about the story behind NatureBox, how the first orders were achieved right through to the plans for the future, touching on data, retail, distribution and sustainability.

We're also joined by Agribusiness Academy's founder, Dr Vijayender Nalla, to offer some extra insights on what makes the NatureBox business model stand out.


Information about NatureBox


NatureBox makes smart, delicious snacking easy! We deliver over 100 bold, satisfying choices right to your door and add new snacks every month so there’s always something to try and discover.

All of our snacks do not use artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, or hydrogenated oils. Your membership and satisfaction are ensured through our Don't Like It, Don't Eat It guarantee (we will add store credit that can be used towards your next order).

NatureBox members also receive exclusive member only promotions, credit for snacks you don't like, and early access to our newest items every month!

#8 The CropIn Business Model

In this episode, we're joined by Krishna Kumar, CEO at one of India's most exciting Agri-Tech companies, CropIn.

2018 has been an awe inspiring year for CropIn, with a Series B raise led by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Chiratae Ventures.

We're focusing the discussion on CropIn's business model and their products, delving into what makes this company so unique and innovative.

We're also joined by Agribusiness Academy's founder, Dr Vijayender Nalla, to offer some extra insights on what makes the CropIn business model stand out.

Information about CropIn

Cropin provides Farm-Businesses/Growers with farm management software and mobile apps, which enable them to do connected, and data driven farming. It allows them to take advantage of real time data and insight from farms (an accurate view of their operation throughout the entire growing season) and to improve financial, operational and agronomy aspects.

#7 Competitive Business Models

The Agribusiness Academy podcast returns for a second series, starting with this discussion on competitive business models in Food & Agribusiness.

We're joined by Dr Vijayender Nalla, Founder of Agribusiness Academy, who takes us through the four key components he uses to establish a competitive business model for start-ups, existing businesses and new product lines.

We'll also talk about the upcoming free workshop series being hosted by Agribusiness Academy across late 2018 and early 2019.

#6 Avnindra Shrivastava on Understanding the Agriculture system that feeds India

Avnindra Shrivastava, author of Indian Agriculture - Unfolded 360 Degress, joins Dr Vijayender Nalla to discuss how the agriculture system that feeds India and to look at some of the topics covered in the book.

#5 Avnindra Shrivastava on "Indian Agriculture – Unfolded 360 Degrees"

Avnindra Shrivastava, author of Indian Agriculture - Unfolded 360 Degress, joins Dr Vijayender Nalla to discuss agribusiness in India and some of the themes in the book.

#4 Dave Donnan on Expanding Local Food Market

Dave Donnan, Partner and Global Food & Beverage Lead at AT Kearney, joins us to talk about the report "Firmly rooted, the Local Food Market Expands".

This is Part 2 of our conversation with Dave, so make sure you also catch up on our episode on Big Food.

Topics covered:

* What does "local" mean?

* Marketing and labelling of local food

* Technology in local food

* Hyperlocalisation of food

You can find the discussed report at

#3 Dave Donnan: 'Is Big Food in Trouble?'

Dave Donnan, Partner and Global Food & Beverage Lead at AT Kearney, joins us to talk about the report "Is Big Food in Trouble?".

This is Part 1 of our conversation with Dave, so look out for the next episode where we'll discuss the expanding local food market.

Topics covered:

* Measures identified through the report?

* Is it challenging for the big food players to stay responsive?

* Which of the big food players are on the right path?

* Which of trends have the potential to become mega trends?

* The significance (or insignificance) of online distribution.

* Conditions for venture capital and acquisitions

You can find the discussed report at

#2: Dr David Hughes on Quarter 1, 2017 in Food & Agribusiness

Topics covered in Quarter 1 review:

* Surprising industry developments

* Global Dairy Industry

* Alternative Proteins

* Food Service Trends

* Mini-meals/Snacking

* Looking ahead at 2017

If you would like us to review something in particular in Q2, please let us know and we'll put your questions to Dr Hughes.

#1: Donna Rosa on Creating Profitable Startups in Developing Countries

In our first podcast, we talk to Donna Rosa, a consultant for micro, small, and medium enterprises in developing countries, specialising in food and agribusiness.

We learn about the sort of projects Donna takes on, how these start-ups could be better helped and some tips for profitability.