Food And Agribusiness Management in a DIgital Age

Curriculum Overview

Quick Links: Food Value Chains, AgriFood Tech, Novel Foods, Sustainability, Distribution & Retail


Module 1 - Disruptive Food Value Chains

In the first module, discover food supply and demand dynamics in different countries and what future food value chains will look like.

You will learn how to build sustainable, profitable value chains and be introduced to topics such as recall management, strategic sourcing and how to create value from losses and waste.

You’ll look at some industry best practice cases, learn from world leading experts and take on an assessment to ensure there are no gaps in your knowledge.


You’ll Learn

  • Circular Food Chains

  • Value Chain Design

  • Horticulture Supply Chains

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Recall Management

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Module 2 - Agri Food Tech in the Food Value Chain

A look at food & agribusiness tech developments in western and emerging markets and their impact on food value chains.

You will start by looking at trends in the industry and look at some of the interesting case studies in AgriFood Tech such as NatureBox and CropIn. This will lead into learning about digital agriculture and blockchain.

The module then takes a deep dive on AgriFood Tech business models and the key elements; value proposition, distribution, partnerships and sustainability.


You’ll Learn

  • Industry trends

  • Digital Agriculture

  • Business Model Design

  • Distribution and Partnership Strategies

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Module 3 - Novel Foods and Changing Consumer Preferences

This module is a study of the emergence of premium food marketplaces and how these are disrupting established supply chains.

You’ll start by understanding what experts think the future holds for the industry and learn the opportunities this can present you. You’ll take a look at some of the global issues around food and learn some of the alternatives that currently exist.

An in-depth look at future foods (novel foods) follows, and then a study of the market realities that the industry is presented with today.


You’ll Learn

  • Future Food Trends

  • Global Food Situation

  • Big Food

  • Market Realities

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Module 4 - Food Sustainability and Sustainable Development

A module on how environmental consciousness of consumers is transforming the actions of businesses and wider food supply chains.

The module starts by looking at a game-changing mindset for the industry and how sustainable food supply chains are developed. You’ll take a look at the local food market as well as the role of producer organisations.

You’ll expand your knowledge on urban agriculture, sustainable food businesses around the world and take a look at traceability within the context of sustainability.

For those studying the full program, by Module 4, you’ll begin work on your final case assignment.


You’ll Learn

  • Sustainable food supply chains

  • Urban Agriculture

  • Traceability

  • Sustainable business models

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Module 5 - Food Distribution and Retail Developments

This module looks at how the distribution landscape is changing and what it means for the future of food value chains.

You’ll start by learning about retail developments as well as the game-changing innovations our experts are seeing. Next you’ll learn how these can be applied to your work and think about some of the premium marketplaces existing today.

Finally, you’ll take a look at some of the challenges on the retail supply chain and these can present opportunities and risks.

For those studying the full program, you’ll finish this module by delivering your case assignment in your group.


You’ll Learn

  • Food Retails Trends

  • Innovations in Retail

  • Premium Marketplaces

  • Retail Supply Chains

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